The SimpleSite option is designed to provide an inexpensive option for people, businesses, and organizations who want a basic website with occasional updates.

Pricing for informative websites*

Want to see what a SimpleSite looks like? Take a look at our work:

Your SimpleSite will work on a variety of devices and platforms!

*Informative Website. An informative website is a site that simply holds information about your business, cause, or organization. An informative website will not hold eCommerce, interactive, membership, or other functions that surpass a display of information only. Phenomenon Marketing offers these products, but it is not part of the SimpleSite discount. Contact us for more information.

**Subscription Plan. Phenomenon Marketing offers a subscription plan at a cost of $40/month that includes 2 updates each month. This subscription allows you to keep your website content up to date at a much cheaper rate than other designers. Without the subscription, each update will acquire a $50 update charge.